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If you're looking for More Sleep More Smiles in Surrey, look no further! Choose More Sleep More Smiles with Vicky Scott, Sleep Consultant, Specialist Children’s Nurse and Family Visitor, with decades of experience!

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As a family sleep consultant, I offer bespoke sleep plans and sleep packages and I provide remote consultation work over Zoom. You can also call, and connect with me over WhatsApp and FaceTime. My services include sleep coaching, behaviour management and physical health advice.

Contact More Sleep More Smiles in Surrey for further details.

Mother and Baby Sleeping



"Before speaking to Vicky, our 6yr old son wasn't sleeping through the night. He always insisted on having lights on and would frequently wake up asking to come into our bed or call us into his room for various reasons throughout the night. We were all exhausted and very much needed things to change! After our first consultation with Vicky we had plenty of small changes to make and subtle measures to put to work to encourage and help him sleep better. He improved quickly, waking fewer times in the night almost immediately and after a few weeks with Vicky's continued support and encouragement, he started to sleep through the night from start to finish! We're so relieved and extremely happy and grateful to Vicky for the help and support she gave; from the initial consultation call to the weekly calls to discuss and assess the situation, everything was great, very well considered and not overcomplicated! Thank you!"

Andrew, Georgia and Lucas x

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Sleeping Baby


When I work with you, every single baby or child has a custom-made sleep solution, because each child is an individual, it must be the right approach for your child. That is why I offer a free 30-minute consultation to start the process.

Step 1:
Get in touch by booking a FREE discovery call.
During this discovery call (you can also email me) I would love to hear how you are getting on in the present time and the challenges you are having with your child.

We will discuss how I can help you and which sleep package will help you best manage to resolve the difficulties you are having with your child.

I will ask you to perhaps complete a couple of little assessments to help with the sleep plan, but I think you will find that our conversation will be most helpful.


Step 2:
Your consultation for
45-90 minutes
We will discuss all aspects of your child including their health history, development and their personality/temperament. 
I will advise you during this consultation, so that I can offer a solution that is not only an effective plan, but one that you are comfortable with and suits your parenting style.

Step 3: 
Designing your sleep plan.

I will provide a written sleep plan looking at all the factors that may be causing the naptime or night-time problems. 
The sleep plan will take into consideration your feeding methods, daily schedules, and parenting style. As a health professional I do not endorse methods such as ‘cry it out’. My methods are gentle and allow for the child’s age and developmental stage and are endorsed by paediatric clinical psychologists.


Step 4:
Implementation and support.
I support you after the consultation, whilst you are implementing the sleep plan 2 to 4 times in the week via telephone for 15 to 30 minutes as we discuss your progress.

With my support you will feel confident in tackling your child’s sleep problem, which generally take about 2 weeks to resolve, but you can contact me via text, or WhatsApp or email up to 4 weeks afterwards depending on the sleep plan package.  

The solutions are kind and ethical. I offer a free 30-minute discovery call so we can discuss your concerns about your little one and whether I can help you to enable your child to sleep through the night routinely.


Contact me at More Sleep More Smiles in Surrey and book a free discovery call.


Contact More Sleep More Smiles in Surrey for sleep coaching and behavioural management.

07391 501589

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