About Me - Vicky Scott

I am a sleep consultant providing quality advice and child sleep packages you can count on. Choose More Sleep More Smiles in Surrey today.

Experienced Sleep Consultant

I trained at Great Ormond St Hospital, QE Hospital for sick children, and the Royal London Hospital and qualified as a Paediatric and Adult nurse. Working with sick children in hospitals like Great Ormond St Hospital, my primary focus has been on serving the community as a Health Visitor—a specialised public health nurse dedicated to the well-being of children, so I mostly worked with well children in the community. I became a specialist practice teacher, until in 2015 I went back to working in a Hospital in Paediatrics, until I began working as Sleep Consultant.

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Difficulties getting to sleep? I will provide solutions.

Sleep Skills

Teaching children the skill of sleep is very achievable, and I’m here to assist you.

With several decades of experience, I have successfully helped countless parents overcome sleep and behavior challenges with their little ones.

Unlock the advantages of my sleep packages and experience the positive transformation for your family.

Sleep Solutions

Improving a restless child’s sleep goes beyond expecting them to simply settle on their own. It’s crucial to understand how unhelpful habits develop and what factors contribute to reinforcing poor sleep patterns in little ones.

My number one goal is to provide a solution to alleviate the nightly torment of disrupted sleep. I offer sleep solutions that prioritise kindness and ethical practices, ensuring a compassionate approach to improving your child’s sleep.

Behaviour Management

I love collaborating with parents to improve their children’s sleep.

Drawing upon my expertise in children’s nursing and child development, I am well-equipped to support you.

Feel free to reach out to More Sleep More Smiles in Surrey and schedule a complimentary discovery call. I look forward to connecting with you.