Day & Night

So, looking to the morning, really help your baby to begin to understand the difference between night and day. When it is morning, open the curtains and talk in a cheery and animated way take down the blackout curtains. Help the baby to begin to learn the difference between night and day. However, at nap time close the curtains so the baby realises it is sleep time. No, you cannot spoil your new-born. They are not born manipulative they are born to be loved and in turn they will love you! You need to teach them that their cues will be responded to. Love and dance new-born baby to sleep if they need it. Feed your baby whenever they are hungry, comfort and love this little human. Respond to and pick up your baby when they cry soothe and rock your baby, so they begin to learn that this noisy, light bright place is amazing!! Hold baby if they seem to need it, as there is no such thing as too much attention in the first few weeks.

The more you respond to your babies needs in the early days, the earlier they will become independent.

So, as the weeks turn to months you will feel more in tune with your baby and know when the cries are not baby care needs but “I want it”. “I want to grab your hot tea cup”, “I want to grab the sharp scissors”, or “play with your ear rings” this is when parents will need to start to set limits for their little human. Yes, you can keep sharp and small objects out of their reach, but soon our adorable babies must learn some boundaries. So parents focusing on sleep again, the best way to help your babies learn to self soothe themselves to sleep is to feed them after waking, nappy change, talk, play and then keep an eye for their wake windows and signs of tiredness, try to enable the babies to sleep in their own sleep space from an early age rather than completely relying on you so you are unable to do anything else with your day.